Sedona Torres (Vocals, Flute, Harp, Keyboard,Songwriter) has been a singer and songwriter ever since she can remember, and began singing in various churches and other performing events at an early age. During Sedona’s teenage years, she performed lead roles in a variety of musicals as well as performing her own compositions in talent shows and competitions. Sedona continued to pursue her musical development in college, singing and playing her flute professionally at churches, fairs, and festivals. Sedona also continued to perform in musical theater and with a comedy troupe where she made spontaneous musical creations.  Sedona was a singer and songwriter with the band Atomic Soul from 1997-2009 performing a variety of original songs in the alternative genre.  In 2009, she formed the Sedona Fire Band.

Michael Dinan (Guitar, Vocals, Harmonica, Mandolin, Songwriter) has been a singer and songwriter ever since he picked up a guitar and harmonica during his teenage years and started trying to emulate Bob Dylan. Michael studied creative writing in college and began taking his songwriting more seriously. He recorded his first full length CD, Manic Prana in 1999. Michael has been involved in a variety of musical enterprises including creating a Heart of Aquarius musical ministry and performing for 2 years with a kirtan band. In 2009, Michael moved to the coast of Oregon and formed the Sedona Fire Band.

Renee Delight (Cello) is a professional artist living in Nehalem. She began playing classical guitar as a child.  Several years ago she took up the cello, and is enjoying the many challenges that face the mid-life music learner.  She has always been interested in musical opportunities that go beyond what is traditionally available for cello.


Bob La Torre (Trumpet,Cornet) is a retired high school teacher.  He has been playing the trumpet for 40+ years.  He has performed with countless community bands, orchestras, choirs, and combos in every style.  He has also composed several works for community band.

Barbara McLaughlin (bass, percussion) Barbara has been “messing around” with drums for about 25 years.  Initially, she and her husband, Chuck, taught themselves to play conga drums because there was no teacher available on the coast.  Then she learned to play West African rhythms on the djembe and djun djun drums from teacher, Ginger Edwards, and continues to play with the Tsunami Drummers.  With the Sedona Fire Band, she also plays all sorts of percussion instruments from the guiro to the cowbell. Then in the fall of 2013, the universe lined up to fulfill a lifelong dream of playing electric bass.  With a borrowed bass; a band to play in; a teacher, John Freethy, to learn from; and a gift of money to pay him, she got started on the bass and happily and excitedly continues to learn and play.  Barbara feels most alive when she is “in the rhythm” and is honored to be a member of the Band.

Chuck McLaughlin (percussion) After a life long love of music in many forms including violin, bugle, and piano, Chuck settled into frame drumming and other percussion instruments and then suddenly went whole-hog into congas and afro-cuban music.  Able to keep a tempo going, he was asked to join Shy Jazz, a local band and remained aboard with Scott Wagner, Bob Brook, Paul Miller , Dan Lackaff and Fig for around four years. After leaving the band  came a short stint playing clave with the Tsunami Drummers. Bongos, dumbeck and, most recently, the cajon, followed, congas still happening when the scene calls for it.

Enya Marie Torres-Ling (percussion) Started playing violin at age of 8 and has been loving music ever since.  She has started enjoying the journey of percussion with the band since August 2015.   Her natural sense of rhythm has been a wonderful addition to The Sedona Fire Band. 



Sedona Fire Duo began through the musical collaboration of singer-songwriters Sedona Torres and Michael Dinan. Their World Folk Fusion combines their love for folk music with their love for devotional singing and blends together many different musical styles. Their rich vocal harmonies, combined with acoustic guitar and flute, create a soothing musical experience. Sedona and Michael have been co-creating together since 2009 and they produced their first original CD, The Spark in 2011. Their songwriting tells stories with a poetic and spiritual flair.  In 2012, Sedona Fire grew to include all the members you see here!

In Loving Memory of Eric Lindahl Jan 14, 1949- Feb 27th, 2013 (Bass, Vocals)  Raised in a family of singers and musicians, music was always a thread in Eric’s life.  Classically trained as a child on piano and trombone, he discovered the guitar and then bass in his teen years and played professionally in the 1970’s throughout the Pacific Northwest. Following his retirement from the business world, Eric returned to his musical roots as an occasional session bassist and vocalist in Portland.  Completing the journey back to the beginning, Eric performed again, adding his unique musical point of view to the sound of Sedona Fire.